Collection: Water baths & Chillers

The water bath is used in laboratory setups to heat the samples. They are very useful for incubation of a chemical reaction, heating of the reagent or enzymatic solution, melting of the media, amongst others. The equipment is electronic and made of metal. It has well-insulated exterior.

A circulating bath stirs/shakes with a constant movement of a circulator which provides the sample a uniform heating. The equipment is available in various designs and advanced versions are digital. It, however, can take the temperature up to the boiling point of water which is 100-degree Celsius beyond which if the temperature is desired then another alternative like an oil bath or dry incubators must be used.

Chillers help in absorbing the excess heat from the liquid and making it cooler. It has great application in systems where evaporation needs to occur and the temperature of the liquid needs to bereduced.

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