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Electrophoresis Power Supply Analog

Western Blotting System

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Blotting equipment includes all components required for protein transfer from gel to membrane and subsequent membrane processing. Western blotting is a widely used technique by research and clinical labs to detect proteins with their specific antibody. Blots require an apparatus, or blotter to transfer the gel to membrane under wet, dry or semi-dry conditions. Transfer protocol depends on type of protein, gel thickness, and type of membrane
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Features :

  • High quality acrylic with platinum electrode
  • Compatible with tank of 4 gel assemblly
  •  Fast transferring speed with good effect.
  •  Latches on the gel holder cassette for easy handling
  •  Two transfer can be performed at a time
  • Compatibility With tank of 4 gel system or available with separate tank
  • Continuous working time      >24hrs
    Buffer volume                      850ml
    Cooling Unit                         2 Nos
    Maximum Power                   60 Watt 
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