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Weswox senior rotary microtome is human engineered to give you a simple operate to reliable, precise instrument for day-in/day-out productivity. Senior Rotary Microtome is also known as Histopathological Instruments, Manual Microtome, Spencer Microtome, Microtome Razors and Microtome Disposable Blades
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Features :

Sturdy, Rigid Construction :
The heavy duty base provides support for mechanism and knife holder. A aluminium cover is hinged to the base, protects the interior parts and opens to provide easy access for cleaning and lubrication.

Automatic feed release with automatic safety device :
Total feed excursion is 28mm when the limit of the feed is reached, a safety device automatically disengages the feed mechanism to eliminate jamming and possible damage to the feed screw.

Critical Accuracy :
With every complete revolution of the counter balanced drive wheel, the feed pawl engages precisely into the teeth of the ratchet wheel which moves forward and advances the object holder through a cone and inclined plane mechanism is such precise increments that specimens can be sectioned down to even 1 micron in thickness.

Front-positioned feed indicator with latest cam drive system :
The feed indicator, graduated in microns is conveniently located at front of the instrument and feed setting from 1 to 50 microns in steps of 1 micron each is controlled by a knurled knob at the back of the microtome. The strudy knife holder in addition to knife elevating and levelling adjustments provides lateral movements for complete use of knife edge.

The angle adjustable up to 300 is indicated on a reference scale. A streamlined 'weswox' razor 120mm made from highest quality fine grain tool steel which is heat treated for micro structure is furnished with the instrument.

Special Features :
 Surface grinding on base, horizontal, vertical and inclined slide for smooth and accurate motion
Ratchet wheel, cam and cam weight are made of gun metal
axel and catcher made from special steel made on imported machine.

Standard Accessories :
120mm razor with back and handle in case.
one object holder dia 22,25, 28mm, three wheel tightening key. One dust cover and oil cane for lubrication.
The microtome is furnished in epoxy finished & complete with all above accessories packed in card board box with instruction manual.

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