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Manual Rotary Microtome Advanced

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Manual Rotary Microtom is an ideal instrument for most of routine histology, biological and industrial need. High precision and stability ensures exact reproducible section quality, in wax and plastic embedded sections.
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Features :

  • High Precision Specimen Feed.
  • Universal Cassette Clamp and Standard Specimen Clamp.
  • The hand wheel can be locked in any position or highest position. The dual fail-safe control system is safe and reliable.
  • It adopt the special blade holder, it is more safe and convenient to use the disposable blade directly & good durability and long service life.
  • Smoothly Running Handwheel.
  • Spacious, integrated section waste tray.
  • Protection Guard.
  • Sliding anti-locking system in the coarse advance.
  • Rust proof construction.
  • Lockable hand wheel in upper most position allowing change of blade/specimen more easier and afe.
  • Lateral knife adjustment to ensure that the entire width of the blade is used without releasing the blade clamping mechanism.
  • Large storage capacity on the top of the instrument for easy access of tools.
  • Finger protection guard to protect the used from any injuries caused due to blade
Section Thickness Range From 0 - 60µm
Setting Range

From 0 - 2µm in 0.5µm increments    From 2 - 10µm in 1µm increments

From 10 - 20µm in 2µm increments   From 20 - 60µm in 5µm increments

Horizontal 28mm
Vertical stroke 60mm
Precision Error ±5%
Sample Orientation 5° along the X-Y axis, rotatable 360°
Max. Section Size 50×45mm
Dimensions incl. tray 410mm (L) × 570mm (W) × 270mm (H) (Approx.)
Net weight 36kg
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Brand Weswox
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