Gel Documentation System Economic

Gel Documentation System Economic

Gel Documentation System Research Model

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Excellent optics coupled to a high quality camera, the gel. LUMINAX gel documention system, is a high performance and reliable fluorescent and colorimeter bio-imaging system. Featuring 18 megapixel digital camera, the camera connects to a PC through a USB and can be controlled from the PC. The light -tight cabinet has a UV safety switch and a roll-out transilluminator. A choice of illumination options with UV trans/epi lighting, wave length-specific LEDs and more, adds to the versatility of the system. Ultraviolet transillumination is provide in 312nm,365nm ranges. Filter size of transilluminator is 200x260nm (Which is Extra Large). Epi white light illumination from above is standard. Optionally, ultraviolet epi-illuminator in a verity of wavelengths can also be provided. The dark room cabinet has features for safety switch that switches off the UV lights as soon as the door is open. The gel doc system is perfect for diagnostic labs, Biotech start-ups for HLA typing facilities, DNA and protein research and academic labs.
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Features :

Camera Features :

  • 18 Megapixels Digital SLR Camera(DSLR).
  • 8 GB Memory Card storage and 24 Bit RGB.
  • Zoom Lense 18-55 mm and another Zoom Lenses 55-250mm.
  • EtBr 590 Filter.
  • 312nm / 365nm UV.
  • Operates camera directly and also via P.C. (i.e, Live on computer).
  • 7.7cm/3 LCD Hybrid CMOS Auto Focus.
  • Wireless Remote control shooting of pictures directly from camera also Image storing card

Dark Room Cabinet Features 

  • Dark room cabinet having removable UV Transilluminator with UV safety cover
  • Dark room cabinet (Gel documentation hood have dark black finishing inside). It have special port for U.V. Transilluminator which can easily come out from cabinet.
  • It have built in 2 white lights which works as E-pi-Illuminator.
  • Built in device having the camera at top and base fitted with rubber feet.

Software Features

  • Gel capture software comes as standard accessories with digital camera.
  • Complimentary C.D. of gel analysis software download from internet through special technique.
  • Complimentary C.D. of TUTOR software download from internet through special technique.


  • Easy to use, Low cost, yet high quality images.
  • High Grade auto focus DSLR Camera that can be Mounted conveniently.
  •  Easy access to Transilluminator.
  • Transilluminator can come out as fitted in drawe
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