Fume Hood Basic

Fume Hood Basic

PCR Hood

PCR Hood

Fume Hood Modular

As low as ₹104,000.00 was ₹130,000.00
Modular fully loaded chemical fumes extraction hoods after excellent performance and high suction power. Excellent chemical resistance & international quality electrical & gas connection utilities.
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Features :

Fume Hood Structure
Aerodynamic Floor Mounted.

Air Flow Type
Low Constant Volume Exhaust Type

Noise Level (At Main Body)

<60db sound levels (Blower to be mounted on a remote mounting kit)

Structure Outer Skin (MOC)
CRC Sheet Duly Powder Coated (PCCRC). Outer Panel sheet 18 SWG and structure frame 18 SWG & 20 SWG sheet.

Work Top

Traditionally our worktops are made of thick DISHED CORED from various options of MOC to choose from, and are even thicker at MARINE EDGES, thus preventing spillages and accidental damages. Chemical resistance splash & spillage proof Granite/SS-304 (as per customer requirement) worktop having to skirt from all the side, to prevent chemical spillage.

Cup Sink
Made of PP/Porcelain Sink, to collect chemical waste on Work top.

Inner Chamber Vertical Liner
Chemical & Heat Resistance, Fire retardent, smooth finish, easily cleanable, panel made out of PRL integral work (6mm thick).

Epoxy Powder Coating
Powder coated with highly chemical resistant epoxy colors.

Unique designed removeable back baffle captures and removes or slides fumes instantly at much faster speed.

Utility Valves
Our Valves have fine control over utilities as per international standards and withstands 200 PSI pressure & brass fitting for gas connections. 1 No. for Water, 1 No. for Compressed Air, 1 No. for Nitrogen, 1 No. for Vacuum.

3-point suction system (for light, normal and heavy fumes) with baffle and fined horizontal slots aids in distributing the flow of air.

Aerodynamic Design, Horizontal fixed airfoil mounted on work top, made up of SS 304, provides spill retention and safe ventilation of fumes generated with ergonomic design.

Fluroscent light (40 Watt x 2 Nos.) with vapour- Proof for proper illumination. Intensity approx 400lux on work top.

Electric Utility
2 Nos. 15 Amp. Sockets & Switches. 1 No. MCB Switch for the Blower.

Exhaust Port
A Unique design pattern of Exhaust Port ensures that the fumes will get exhausted smoothly w/o any turbulence at the exhaust port, even it takes care of low noise as well.

Exhaust Collar
Crafty tapered and flanged exhaust collar reduces airflow turbulence induces high static pressures reduces noise levels to minimal and also increases face velocity exhaust.

Centrifugal Blower
SISW type, Chemical & heat resistance heavy-duty epoxy coated blower with aerodynamically balanced Impeller, with the Drain plug. Consisting of continuous rating motor and chemical resistant. The blower will give face velocity of 80 to 100 Feet/minute (FPM) and high static pressure at a defined sash position. It satisfies all national and international safety velocity norms.

Maximum Air Exhaust Air Volume
Minimum face velocity of 0.5m/s or 100 fpm at defined sash position

2.00 H.P., 3 Phase TEFC, IP55, class F continuous rated.

Front Top Panel
Easily openable panel, to access Damper & to light fixture, for maintenance purpose.

Sash (Shutter)
Vertical rising sash counter-balanced with pulley & counter weight system. Toughned float glass (4mm thick). Clear open able height of 700mm.

Service Panels
All the front and side service panels are pre-fabricated and demountable for on-site erections and commissioning, provides easy access to service lines, utility, electrical utilities for maintenance and user conversance.

Base Cabinet
Base cabinet is capable of receiving a load of Fume Hood on its top with the following features: Complete rigid steel structure to support Fume Hood. The attractive Color combination on Epoxy powder coated Structure Double skin shutters / Doors. One removable horizontal partition to store the chemicals with one shelf Locking system with a self-closing hinge. Shutters mounted to the modules are detachable concealed hinges self-closing on return. Self Closing Hinges Three-dimensionally adjustable and chrome-plated self-closing hinges have a 900 opening. All the shutters are detachable and easy to mount. Adjustable Shelves Modular and adjustable shelf height for flexibility to store chemicals, glassware, accessories, etc. Double-Skin Construction All shutters and drawer fronts are double skinned and are sandwiched and stuffed for extra rigidity and strength.

Scaffold/Grid, to hold the apparatus. It covers the entire length of Fume Hood installed at a distance of approx. 150mm from the from backside of Fume Hood.

Rigid ducting of PVC with bends, dampers, transitions, and clamps up to blower. All joints are curved in order to avoid any backtracking of fumes and a smooth flow to exhaust fumes.

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