Flame Photometer Dual Display

Flame Photometer Dual Display

Flame Photometer Automatic

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Automatic Flame Photometers are used for the determination of sodium, potassium, calcium and lithium. They uses the latest microcontroller technology and advanced engineering techniques so as to give enhanced and reproducibility. They have soft touch membrane key for ease of operations.
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Features :

  • Useful for both ppm and meq application
  • Measurement of four elements with single aspiration .Automatic filter selection
  • Curve fitting software (up to 5 standards)
  • Collaboration stored in memory
  • Re-standardization facility with only one standard
  • User friendly menu driven software
  • Help key available at each & every operating step.
Model No. S-935

Na: 0-100 ppm

Upto 250 meq/l, 1: 100  dil

K: 0-100 ppm

Upto 250 meq/l, 1: 100 dil

Ca: 0-100 ppm

Upto 250 meq/l, 1: 100 dil

Li: 0-100 ppm

Upto 250 meq/l, 1: 100 dil


Na: 0.5 ppm, K: 0.5 ppm, Ca: 15 ppm (Optional), Li: 50 ppm (Optional)

Resolution 0.1 ppm/meq
Accuracy < 2 % Error when 3 ppm Na/K and 5 ppm
Display Graphical LCD With Backlit
Average Time In-built in software
Calibration Up to- 5 Point Calibration with Curve Fitting Software
Gas Control With Keys
Atomizer Axial Flow Type
Ignition System Auto Ignition System
Repeatability +/- 2 Counts
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Filters Narrow Band Interference Glass Filters
Flame System LPG and Dry Oil Free Air
PC Interface USB Port
Compressor Unit Air Supply:- By oil free mini compressor unit with pressure regulator
Accessories Instrument with Na & K Filters, Sample Holders, Instruction Manual, Dust Cover, Main Lead, Air and Gas Tubing along with end Damps, Capillary Tubes, Chimney, Cleaning Wires, Drain Pipe etc.
Dimension (LxWxH) mm 420x280x180mm
Weight 9 Kg
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Brand Systonic
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