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Dry Bath Incubator

Dry bath incubator with stirring

Dry Bath Incubator with stirring

Dry Bath Incubator

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Dry Bath Incubator is a microprocessor controlled product using advanced thermoelectric technique, high precision of temperature control.It can be widely used in samples cultivation, preservation and reaction DNA amplification, Pre-degeneration of electrophoresis, and solidification
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Features :

-(Liquid crystal display) LCD & Touch type Keypad Operation
-Built in Over Temperature Protector
-There are 5 groups of programs can be programmed Independent or combined
-Maximum upto 5 temperature point, temperature setting &continuous operation
-Microprocessor Controls
-Timing Function, 0~99hrs59minutes,range shows on the display screen shows.
-Brushless DC Motor Type with Long Serviceable Life

Model No. DBI-10 DBI-18 DBI-20
Shaker Speed NA 200 - 1800rpm 200 - 1800rpm
Temperature Control range R.T.+ 5℃ to 100℃ R.T.+ 5℃ to 100℃ 0℃ to 100℃ (If ambient temp.< 20℃),
4℃ to 100℃ (If ambient temp. (RT< 25℃),
10℃ to 100℃ (If ambient temp. (RT< 30℃)
Cooling Time NA NA 25min(from RT to RT-20℃)
Mixing Orbit NA 2mm 2mm
Timing Range 1min~99h59min 1min~99h59min 1min~99h59min
Temp. Control Accuracy < +0.5℃ < +0.5℃ < +0.5℃
Temperature Resolution 0.1℃ 0.1℃ 0.1℃
Temp. Uniformity of Block < + 0.3℃ < + 0.3℃ < + 0.3℃
Heating Time  15min ( 25℃ up to 100℃)  15min ( 25℃ up to 100℃)  15min ( 25℃ up to 100℃)
Program Support 5 Multipoint Programes Support 5 Multipoint Programes Support 5 Multipoint Programes
Weight 2.5kg 7.5kg 8.5kg
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Brand Labman
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