1. Choosing between Biosafety Cabinet and Laminar Air Flow

    Are you wondering aseptic environment that suits you best for working with your experimental samples? Whether you should go for a Laminar Airflow or opt for a Biosafety cabinet? Whether it is your test samples you are looking for a sterile environment or you are working with an extremely contagious sample and concerned for your own safety as well?

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  2. How to Use and Maintain Your Lab Balance

    A lab balance can be a big investment so it’s likely something you don’t want to have to replace often. Plus, the wrong measurements could spell trouble for virtually any application, so it’s important that your machine is used and maintained properly to ensure it works as it should.

    Thankfully, there are certain steps you can take to help make sure your machine has a long life and that your balance readings are accurate:

    1.    Position your unit correctly
    2.    Let it warm up
    3.    Don’t overload the balance
    4.    Clean the unit regularly
    5.    Calibrate it often

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  3. Let’s Learn about the Laboratory Centrifuges

    It is already known that a centrifuge is the essential and crucial research facility gadget. It is mainly utilized for the partition of gas, liquids, or solid in light of thickness. The division of the substances is accomplished by turning a vessel containing material at a rapid speed. During the separation, the radiating power drives heavier materials to the outside of the vessel. This instrument, centrifuge is found or present in most of the laboratories from scholastic to clinical to research. And utilized for decontaminating cells, subcellular organelles, proteins, nucleic acids, and infections. You can find many sorts of centrifuges, which can be categorized based on the expected utilization or by the design of the rotor. There are numerous assortments of centrifuges are accessible for the scientist that is from the substantial floor assortment to the smaller scale axis.

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  4. How to choose the right glassware for your laboratory

    Glasswares are important assets in any laboratory. Good quality glassware help with accurate results and are easy to use. While purchasing glasswares for the lab few parameters such as quality of the glass, measurement markings, its strength, and certifications are of due importance. The way to achieve accurate results in any experiment is through the right set of glassware. So, it is of due importance to choose the quality of glassware equipment to perform different types of tasks in the laboratory.

    We have gathered the different factors that should be taken into consideration while purchasing lab equipment. Let’s unfold them:


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  5. Things to know about Laminar Air Flow

    To carry out some specialized experiments or work many laboratories including, medical, pharmaceutical, environmental, biotechnological, and few electronic labs need sterile, dust-free areas.  In such places, the laminar air flow system is used to make the entire working area contamination or particle free.

    Laminar Air flow system can be defined as a system that offers continuous air flow which is uniform in both direction and velocity. Laminar Air Flow Hoods or Cabinets provide unidirectional air flow in a limited designated space. They make the particulate-free working area

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  6. Essentials for setting up a science laboratory

    Setting up a laboratory is certainly not a small task. There are a lot of conditions and requirements to follow before a lab can start work. These would include the layout of the laboratory which would have to agree with the building plans yet provide optimal efficiency, as well as several guidelines which allow the safety of the lab personnel working. Furthermore, there is understandably a lot of paperwork in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the lab, permits and authorizations etc. One must not forget the basic necessities for a laboratory such as water, gas and electric supply, and if necessary, back-up generators, phone lines and an internet connection could help researchers significantly. It is also important to generate a list of all the 

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